Sarina (Unisex)


We had to create a unisex toddler set for those of you who prefer your toddlers in neutral colours and in staying true to ourselves, we incorporated the ‘Ankara print’ pattern on the collar , pocket and sleeve.

The pyjama is a perfect fit for your toddler. The pyjama trouser comes with an elastic waist , long sleeve short with buttons.

The colour black as you may know oozes sophistication and that’s the mindset we want our toddlers to have from a young age.

Model 5 years wearing set age 6-7 years.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS* Hand wash in lukewarm water. Use the fashion care setting in the washing machine.

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We love that children model what we do and not just what we say. Help your toddler understand the importance of hair care from a young age.

Benefits of Satin Hair Bonnets:

Prevents hair loss & limits breakage, reducing hair frizz

Keeps Hair Shiny and in place

Locks in hair moisture.

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Age 2-3, Age 6-7


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